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Chairman, Department of Physical and Biological Sciences

Dr. Sharon Kiprotich
Message From Chairman of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences at Murang’a University of Technology. The department is housed in the School of Pure, Applied and Health Sciences. Physical and Biological Sciences department comprises of learners, researchers and faculty members who are committed in helping and guiding our students in knowledge acquisition in various fields of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The primary goal of the department is to prepare the students for professional careers in relevant fields of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This is achieved through innovative curricula which have been developed to provide learners with strong foundation for learning life-skills and solutions to myriad problems facing the modern humanity.

Our mission is to develop leaders and professionals in science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), research and innovation to suit the needs of a dynamic world through the application of the acquired knowledge and expertise in various fields of science.

I take this opportunity to welcome prospective students and other stakeholders to the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences. It is my trust that you will enjoy the learning experiences at Murang’a University of Technology.


The Department was established:

  • To enhance efficiency by developing the departmental Calendar within the first two weeks of the semester.
  • To enhance learning and student preparedness of semester examinations by ensuring course content coverage by the 10th week of the semester.
  • To improve student commitment to learning by engaging the University Counselor/Career Coordinator to organize motivational talks at least once every year.
  • To enhance vigilance during examinations to reduce cases of cheating by changing the number of invigilators from the current two (2) per room to a minimum of two for forty (40) students
  • To increase student capacity in the department by developing/reviewing at least one programme per academic year


  MPAES Internal 500 per element sample
    External 700 per element sample
  AAS Internal 500 per element
    External 700 per element
  HPLC Internal 400 per compound per sample
    External 600 per compound sample
  GC-MS Internal 700
    External 1,000
  FTIR Internal 300
    External 500
  XRD Internal 2,000
    External 4,000
  FURNACE Internal Free

2Hrs 500

4Hrs -700

Above 4Hrs-1,000

  Bench fee   15,000  for upto 2  months

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