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Master of Science in Physics

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Physics is offered in the following areas of specialization;

  • Material Science
  • Solid State Physics
  • Geo and Space physics
  •  Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Nuclear and radiation physics


  1. A holder of a relevant first class or a second-class upper division Bachelor’s degree of Murang’a University of technology (MUT) or equivalent degree from another institution as recognized by the MUT Senate and approved by commission for University education (CUE).
  2. In case of holders of second-class lower division, one should have at least two years relevant work experience.


The program of studies leading to the Master of Science in Physics at MUT take a period of at least twenty-four (24) months but not more than forty-eight (48) months for full time students. Students enrolled into the programme on a part time basis shall complete it in a period not exceeding sixty (60) months


  1. Demonstrate a range of skills, including problem solving, project work and presentation, to enable them to take prominent roles in a wide spectrum of employment and research.
  2. Undertake teaching, research and innovation in fields such as medicine, engineering and technology to respond to the changing demands in research.
  3. Demonstrate expertise (breadth and depth) in Physics
  4. Develop standards, working procedures and systematic approach in problem analysis, modeling and implementation of solutions at the workplace
  5. Undertake research to suit the current trends in physics and provide teaching specialists to public and private universities
  6. Apply the acquired skills and knowledge covering a broad range of topics in various disciplines relevant to the public/private sector.
  7. Express competency in responsible conduct of research
  8. Demonstrate ability to analyze data critically and to design research experiments independently
  9. Be eligible to pursue a PhD in Physics


The mode of delivery is face to face, blended and e-learning. The course is offered on a full-time and part-time basis. The study is offered by course work and thesis with examinations on both.

a). Full Time

Students taking the programme on a full-time (week days or weekend) basis will complete the course in at least two (2) academic years.  There will be two (2) semesters of course work, after which the development of research work will commence. 

b). Part Time

Students taking the programme on Part-time (Evening) basis, each academic year will comprise of four (4) sessions.  There will be four (4) sessions of course work, after which the development of research work will commence.


Teaching will be by lecture method and practical. There will be three (3) hours of lecture per week per course unit. In the second year, students will undertake research which will account for 50% of the course time. Research provides students with the necessary skills to achieve the objectives of the programme.


There will be two major categories of master of Science in Physics namely; Theoretical Physics which is under category A and Experimental Physics which is under category B category.

A student shall be required to:

  1. Attend at least 2/3 of lectures to be allowed to sit for end of semester examinations
  2. Develop a research proposal
  3. Conduct research and make presentations in seminars/conference
  4. Provide Progress report per semester
  5. Write and show published or acceptance of at least one (1) research paper in peer reviewed journals before submitting a research thesis
  6. Present a research thesis to a panel in line with the post-graduate studies policy


 Advertisements for applications for the courses/programmes are carried out through the press Payments should be made either in Cash or Bankers Cheque in favour of Murang’a University of Technology. Prospective applicants can also download application forms from the University website at, fill and post to the University, and include the money order of the application fee.

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