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Dr. Warren Andrew Andayi Ph.D.

Name: Dr. Warren Andrew Andayi Ph.D.

Position: Lecturer

School:  Pure, Applied & Health Sciences

Department: Department of Physical and Biological Sciences



Dr Warren Andrew Andayi is currently a chemistry lecturer in the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences in MUT. At several instances he has been involved in University management as a Dean of Students and Head of Physical & Biological sciences Department. Furthermore, he has served in various university committees. Outside he has served on journals’ editorial boards and as a grant application assessor.
He earned his PhD in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry from the University of Cape Town, MSc Chemistry at Maseno University and BEd, Sc. from Kenyatta University. He has held research positions as a postdoctoral fellow in University of Cape Town’s H-3D, Rhodes University and University of Pretoria in the fields of drug/diagnostics discovery & development.
Previously he taught high school level chemistry and mathematics on fulltime and voluntary basis in Kenya and South Africa. Dr Andayi has published research papers in peer reviewed and reputable journals in
addition to a book chapter in chemical education. His current research interests are in organic synthesis; drug discovery and diagnostics; environmental hygiene and recycling; pharmaco-enhancers; and chemical education. Currently he teaches courses in spectroscopy, analytical instrumentation, organometallics, colloid and surface chemistry, main Group elements, structure and bonding, advanced analytical chemistry, advanced physical organic chemistry and teaching methods in chemistry.


2011: University of Cape Town, PhD. Chemistry

2005: Maseno University, MSc. Chemistry

1997: Kenyatta University, B Ed.Sc. Chemistry, Mathematics 


 Organic & inorganic synthesis
 Drug discovery and diagnostics
 Environmental Hygiene and recycling
 Natural products

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