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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry


(a) A candidate who wishes to register must have the minimum University general admissions requirements.

(b) In addition to meeting (a) above, candidates wishing to register for Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry must have any of the following:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or equivalent qualifications, with passes in at least three subjects in either of the following two alternatives (A or B),

Alternative A: Chemistry C+, Physics C, Mathematics C+

Alternative B: Physical Sciences C+, Mathematics C+, Geography C+

  • Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE), or equivalent qualification with at least two principal passes (of which one must be in chemistry)
  • Ordinary Diploma/Higher National Diploma or equivalent qualifications in the sciences with at least a  pass
  • Science/Technical Diploma from Teachers Training Colleges or equivalent qualifications in the sciences.
  • A science/technology based degree or a non science based degree with a minimum of C+ in chemistry or its equivalent from an institution recognized by the University


Four (4) Academic Years


By the end of the programme, the graduates will:

  1. Have a broad understanding of chemistry.
  2. Have skills to enable them understand, develop and modify industrial technologies.
  3. Be able to operate and manage industrial equipment, processes and plants.


The B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) aims at training industrial chemists who have relevant knowledge in the management of industrial processes in terms of chemical processes, financial management and management skills. The programme offers a wide and deep foundation of theoretical and professional experience in industrial chemistry. The programme is also geared at building professionals in private and public sector at either large or light industries. Besides the core disciplines, the student can select a specialized area of study to enhance skills in the field.

Further, the programme aspires to provide relevant skills and knowledge that meet the individual, professional, institutional, county, national and global educational needs today and in the near future. This will enhance economic development from regional to National level to facilitate achievement a vibrant economy. The programme is also aimed at meeting dynamic world demands for graduates who can address emerging and current issues.


The B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) is based on the conviction and belief that it is necessary to nurture professionals of high integrity, and who have necessary qualifications a biased in chemistry relevant to a wide range of industrial processes and systems. The programme is also guided by an appreciation of producing graduates in Industrial Chemistry who are responsive to dynamic challenges in the world.


  1. A student is required to attend at least two thirds of the class attendance in order to be allowed to sit for the end of semester examination in a given unit of the programme
  2. The lecturer shall ensure the programme course(s) are delivered in a manner that learning takes place


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