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Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health)


Candidates must have obtained at least the minimum cut-off points for the year as determined from the following subject cluster drawn from the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at “C+” level or its equivalent for each of the following subjects: Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry / Physical sciences, Biology/ Biological Science, English or Kiswahili and/or other health related courses/qualification recognized by the University Senate.


Four (4) Academic Years


When you have completed your degree, your skills, knowledge and attitude gained during the Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health) course, are directly transferable. You can enroll in a Master of Science in any health related programme after which you can peruse a PhD programmes in the area of your specialization.


The air we breathe; the water we drink; the land we build on and the homes we live in, numerous elements of our natural and man-made environment have the potential to affect our health. Our complex interactions with the environment and physical surroundings influence our health. The relationships we have with the environment can give rise to a variety of diseases and health conditions – including asthma, cancer, and food poisoning. Environmental health sciences professionals focus on identifying the relationships and risks of the physical environment around us on our health. They actively try to improve the public’s health addressing these environmental risk factors and putting in a concerted effort to mitigate the risks around us. The main reason is that environmental health degree jobs are in high demand when you earn your degree. The opportunities are in; Air pollution analyst, environmental health analyst, environmental health specialist or manager, environmental toxicologist, and ground water protection specialist among others

An environmental health scientist utilizes their knowledge of public health and the environment to protect the public and the environment from harm. These highly skilled professionals identify problems and determine solutions to reduce any hazards to both the public health and the environment.

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