Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

From Chairman of Department's Desk

Welcome to the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) which is housed in the School of Pure, Applied and Health Sciences. Our main aim is to train professional scientists in Medical Laboratory Sciences with enhanced transferable skills as well as producing graduates with hands-on-experience at the end of their studies. 

The department offers one programme, BSc. (Medical Laboratory Sciences) and projects to have more programmes at Masters and Doctorate levels soon. The programme BSc. (Medical Laboratory Sciences) is a four-year course that leads to a professional qualification allowing the graduates to practice Medical Laboratory Science in all the clinical laboratories both in public, private and Non-Governmental Organizations’ hospitals. The graduates from this programme are licensed by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB) to practice.

The programme is supported by well-equipped laboratories for practical demonstrations during training and a highly trained and motivated team of lecturers actively involved in research and development. We work closely with Training and referral hospitals in close proximity with the University to ensure that the desired exposure in evidence-based diagnosis is achieved.

Upon graduating with the B.Sc. (Medical Laboratory Sciences), there are ready opportunities for graduates as scientists and technologists in hospital laboratories, research and product development, insurance underwriting, forensic medicine, forensic science, Peace Corps, food, cosmetic and consumer-product testing laboratories, medical product sales and marketing, pharmaceutical companies and managerial or supervisory roles in a laboratory. Upon advancement, they may become researchers or university lecturers.

I, therefore, take this earliest opportunity to welcome prospective students and other stakeholders to the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Dr. Kennedy Kuria Muna, PhD

Chairman, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences


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